PAUL Increases Reusable Cup Benefit to 25p to Support Global Sustainability

PAUL has more than doubled its reusable cup benefit, as part of the ‘PAUL Cares Policy’, from 10p to a 25p discount for customers using a re-usable cup when ordering any hot drink. The family-run artisan French bakery has been offering 10p discounts since April 2017, however in a bid to encourage as many customers as possible to turn their heads to reusable cups, PAUL is now rewarding them with a further 15p discount.

PAUL also offers its own branded, stylish reusable cups, available in-store, supporting eco-friendliness in response to the prevalent and ever-relevant issue of sustainability.

CEO of PAUL UK Jean-Michel Orieux comments:

“PAUL Cares is our way of demonstrating our commitment to a passion we share with our customers which goes beyond the cup – lightening the environmental footprint of all we welcome through our doors and we hope that by increasing the discount, it will make a significant difference”.

A destination for delicious, beautifully prepared hot drinks, PAUL’s range includes classic coffees and teas alongside rich Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Cappuccino and Caramel Latte, to beenjoyed alongside viennoiserie, freshly prepared sandwiches and cakes.

PAUL has 33 sites across London and three regional sites in Oxford (High Street and Westgate Shopping Centre) and Newbury Parkway.

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