Victor Garvey closes Encant restaurant

Victor Garvey has announced the closure of his Covent Garden-based restaurant Encant after 20 months in operation.

The chef is to focus on a new site also in London, due to open later this year. The site in Soho has been provisionally acquired, but further details are yet to be announced.

Garvey said: “Encant is very special to me as it was my first solo restaurant, and it’s still as busy as ever, but creatively the team and I feel we’ve taken it as far as we can.

“Sibarita and Rambla [Garvey’s other restaurants] opened in quick succession and both their menus feature several dishes which originated at Encant; it got to the stage where Encant had effectively become a development kitchen for the others, rather than innovating in its own right.”

All staff have been offered positions in Sibarita in Covent Garden and Rambla in Soho.

The news follows a buy-out of investors, which sees Garvey take ownership Sibarita and Rambla under the umbrella of the newly-incorporated Garvey Restaurant Holdings.

Garvey’s head chef Krisztian Palinzkas, operations manager Claudio di Martino and executive assistant Marsida Rexhepaj have been given shares in the enterprise.

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