Leading pub group removes plastic straws from its Managed Estate

Due to the rising concerns over global plastic pollution, Ei Group – the UK’s largest pub company, has removed plastic straws across its managed estate nationwide and replaced them with an environmentally-friendly alternative.

With headlines recently revealing that it takes hundreds of years for plastic straws to decompose, Ei Group is working closely with cleaning and hygiene supplier, Zenith, to introduce a biodegradable solution. The new straws, which are made from 100% renewable resources are fully compostable and breakdown in just 12 weeks.

Ei Group has been working on an environmental solution for the business and in order to support the wider hospitality industry initiative. The introduction comes as the Government revealed its 25-year Environmental Plan to reduce plastic waste.

Paul Harbottle, Group Commercial Director at Ei Group, said: “As a business, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, including the reduction of non-recyclable waste, to running a more eco-friendly and sustainable operation, whilst supporting our industry.

“Plastic waste has severe implications on the environment and we are pleased to be able to remove plastic straws and replace them with a biodegradable alternative, which breakdown in under 90 days.

“These straws are available across all of the Ei Managed Operations estate, including Craft Union and Bermondsey Pub Company sites, as well as Hippo Inns, part of our Ei Managed Investments portfolio. These straws have also been made readily available to our Ei Publican Partnerships estate and we highly recommend publicans consider these alternatives moving forward, to better our environment and company initiative.”

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