Pubs and bars considered to have some of the worst toilets in Britain

Pubs and bars are considered to have some of the worst toilets in Britain, according to a survey by laminate manufacturer, Formica Group.

Four out of 10 people consider pubs and bars to have the worst toilets, with their facilities lagging only behind trains.

Restaurants toilets faired better with only 7% of people reporting a bad experience, where as night clubs were considered to be poor quality by 35% of respondents.

But, those asked did say both restaurants and bars could improve by offering more toilets.

Cleanliness was a major concern for respondents with 76% citing it as the most important thing they look for. Two thirds of people spoken to said they regularly decide not to use a toilet because it looks dirty and two thirds of women said they regularly clean a public toilet before using it.

The survey found that 29% of people reported visiting a toilet without soap once a fortnight with 4% saying it was a daily occurrence.

The most popular innovations sought by consumers were hands free flushing, 60%, and soundproofing, 32%.

Joe Bell, UK marketing manager for Formica Group, comments: “With huge competition in the hospitality sector, the state of an establishment’s toilets can make or break the overriding experience and influence whether a customer returns or not. It is also this type of scenario that ends up on social media, damaging a brands’ reputation.

“With hygiene paramount in the dining-out sector, clean toilets should be second nature. Small adjustments to the design, fixtures and fittings can help flush away poor perceptions and restore public confidence by making washrooms more pleasant environments”.

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