Brexit – latest government policy on immigration – reaction statement

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of the ALMR, said:


Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of the ALMR

“We strongly welcome the Government’s revised position on allowing European Union citizens arriving in the UK during the post-Brexit transition period to remain. The eating and drinking out sector employs the second highest number of workers from the EU and broader European Economic Area, and the fifth highest proportion across a broad mix of job roles. Employers in the sector strongly believe that immigration has made a positive contribution to the UK economy and society – and enhanced both individual businesses and the customer experience.

“Once the UK has left the EU, we are calling for a bespoke migration system for non-graduate EU workers, outside of existing arrangements, that offers preferential status to EU citizens, linked to a broader trade deal – and focuses on sectors and occupations with staff shortages. It is now vital for business confidence that there is absolute clarity and certainty of the rights of those who move to the UK during any transition period, and the future rights of all who move and work post-Brexit.”

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