Majella’s Image of the Month, from Chef Joshua Charles

I’m delighted that this month’s Image of the Month comes from my new venture: London Kitchen Social. I placed two chefs, two producers, a videographer and myself in a room for a day to do what we love most, and this was one of the most stunning dishes that came out of it.

This beautiful creation by Chef Joshua Charles, (ex-head chef at The Salt Room in Brighton) and is his interpretation of fish and chips.

Composed of South Coast Cod fillet, potato purée, (with the most perfect amount of butter) tartare crumb, capers, gherkins, panko, lemon gel and Monksbeard, it’s the best of British plated in a contemporary and fine-dining style.

I think the gentle colours are complimented wonderfully by the ceramic plate hand-made by Chris Bowen and the whole image resonates of a Spring coastal visit.

Source: click here