UKHospitality responds to Draft London Plan

UKHospitality has responded to the Draft London plan making a series of recommendations to promote the capital’s hospitality businesses.

UKH has made recommendations in a number of areas affecting hospitality including: planning, taxation, licensing and employment, public health, skills and jobs.


UKH Chief Executive Kate Nicholls

UKH Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This has been a good opportunity to liaise with the Mayor’s Office and make sure that hospitality businesses’ voices are heard. The draft plan is very wide-ranging incorporating numerous elements, many of which will have a direct influence on hospitality businesses.

“One of the key aims of UKHospitality is to bring together the entire sector as one to make its collective voice heard. We have been very pleased to respond to the draft plan highlighting issues such as: Agent of Change, late-night licensing, supporting hospitality and employment.

“The London Finance Commission recommended the full devolution of property taxes, including council tax, business rates and stamp duty, as well as permissive powers to develop new mechanisms, subject to consultation. We are calling for that devolution to include the ability to administer reliefs for the hardest hit venues and ease the burdens on London businesses hit hardest by the capital’s high property values, and also to redress the imbalance of property tax bills between our businesses and digital ones.

“I intend to work as closely with policy-makers in London and the Mayor as closely as possible as the Chief Executive of UKHospitality and as a spokesman for the sector in the Night Time Commission. The London Assembly has shown that is ready to listen to advice and concerns from businesses and we will ensure that hospitality is at the forefront of plans to revitalise and support growth in London.”

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