Fresh Caribbean and sunshine in the City!

BAYGO is an exciting new fast casual restaurant in the City of London, providing diners with a fresh taste of the Caribbean, and most importantly … sunshine! It’s predicted that 1 in 15 people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but a dose of BAYGO will kiss those winter blues goodbye!

The name BAYGO derives from the sister isle of Trinidad, Tobago; the homeland of Executive Chef, Hasan De Four and founder, Chris Morris.


The menu at BAYGO intends to revolutionise the way Londoners perceive Caribbean food, a far cry from patties and salt cod, BAYGO has developed a menu that celebrates the fresh ingredients of these tropical islands creating dishes that are fresh, tasty and entirely accessible.  Open for breakfast and lunch, each dish has been carefully curated using the highest quality ingredients which can be eaten in or taken away.

Breakfast items include a traditional Ackee Ital Pot served with ackee (a tropical West African fruit), sweet and spicy beans, avocado, spinach and roasted tomatoes- vegan friendly and delicious! BAYGO’s Bacon and Egg Bun comes with a spicy twist for those who want to start the day on fire, and the different variations of Porridge are essential to boost those energy levels first thing.


Notable dishes on the menu for lunch include tasty Island One Pots; Curry Goat and Curry Chicken are served with plantain, sunshine slaw, callaloo, rice and peas and sure do pack a punch, whilst The Creole Pot is a fish filled version.  Sunshine Buns are also not to be missed; the Pulled Pork Burger with homemade BAYGO sauce, iceberg lettuce and sunshine slaw is served in a freshly toasted brioche bun and is sure to give you the Vitamin D hit you need! For the vegetarians amongst us, how about the Chickpea Burger? A perfect partnership of chickpea and potato in a pattie with BAYGO sauce and sunshine slaw. Salads, Soups and Roti Wraps also make an appearance meaning customers are spoilt for choice when dining at BAYGO.

Inside, BAYGO is a small and welcoming space; bright lights, floral decorations, Caribbean music and good vibes draw you in and ensure you feel the sunshine immediately. An ideal destination in which to eat, drink and lime this exciting new arrival to the London restaurant scene will revolutionise your opinion of Caribbean food and ensure ‘that trip’ to the West Indies  isn’t just a pipe dream ….

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