Just Hospitality celebrates the International Day of Happiness by exploring food for mental health

Just Hospitality helps their clients to “eat happy” by exploring the link between food and happiness.

For International Day of Happiness on 20th March, Just Hospitality has teamed up with registered nutritionist Kate Taylor and food choice architect Kenny Tranquille to host a series of workshops that explore the link between the foods we eat and our happiness. Kenny will discuss the connection between some of the drivers of happiness such as giving, relating and awareness and how these relate to the foods we eat. Kate will explore how our food choices impact our mood.

Registered associate nutritionist Kate Taylor says: “Our food choices are directly impacted by our mood and for many of us our mood will impact our food choices. It’s how we manage this circle to fit in with our lifestyle that’s important. Including different foods that can positively impact mood in your diet such as those which are high in fibre, sources of omega 3 fatty acids and contain vitamin D (to name a few) will absolutely help.”

On the decision to work with nutritionists to highlight the link between food and happiness, Dean Kennett, managing director at Just Hospitality, says: “As contract caterers we’re feeding our clients the majority of their food for the day. In fact, in some cases we’re delivering breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we feel the onus is on us to keep our food healthy. Now we’re going further. It’s not just about how healthy our food is, or how balanced in calories, it’s also about how it makes you feel, and how we, as your caterers, can contribute to your overall well-being.”

To complement the nutritionist led workshops Just Hospitality have created a lunch menu that focuses on ingredients that help secrete serotonin – the happy hormone – in the body. Ingredients such as turmeric, green tea, avocado and fermented foods such as kimchi and yoghurt will be incorporated throughout the menu.

Kenny Tranquille, a food choice architect and well-being activist has this to say about working with Just Hospitality: “I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, helping them to keep their staff motivated and productive through food. I think Just Hospitality’s vision to “eat happy” is a refreshing take on the typical contract catering food programme and that’s why I decided to work with them. There is a real synergy between our companies, both want to deliver food experiences with a healthy & happy focus.”

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