Country house hotel issues apology over advert seeking ‘slightly OCD’ staff

A country house hotel and wedding venue in Swansea has apologised after posting a job advert for “slightly OCD” staff. 

The advert posted to social media by Fairyhill Hotel, in Reynoldston, showed cutlery slightly out of place on a set table alongside the words “slightly OCD? Then we’d like to hear from you”.

It prompted a backlash from people living with OCD and mental health campaigners.

Ashley Fulwood, chief executive of OCD-UK, wrote: “Hello  I have OCD, as do many of the 9000 followers of our charity account. Would it help if we all share with you why your advert is so embarrassingly inaccurate and inappropriate? AF.”

The venue responded by issuing the following apology: “We sincerely apologise for any upset we have caused. OCD is such an overused term in public discourse and is too often trivialised. We meant no harm and truly appreciate that in today’s politically correct society we should have been more conscious.

“In hindsight we did not understand the true meaning of the condition and how it deeply affects those who suffer. A positive from this judgement error is that we’ve raised awareness and hope others will follow suit and not mis-use the term in daily conversation. We have pulled all reference with immediate effect and a new advert will be released.”

The advert has since been reissued seeking “perfectionists”.

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