Ban on foie gras imports could be considered after Brexit, minister says

A ban on the importing of foie gras could be considered after Brexit, an environment minister has said. 

easid-520791-media-id-36481-445-250George Eustice MP said that while Britain is a member of the EU it is required to observe a law that limits the introduction of measures that would impair the movement of goods within the market.

But he added: “When we leave the European Union, we do indeed have an opportunity to look at restrictions on sales.”

Eustice was responding to calls from Conservative Henry Smith who had said foie gras was “cruel to produce, unhealthy to eat and expensive to purchase”, telling his fellow MPs it was time to place a ban on the “outdated practice”.

He added: “While production of this so-called delicacy, which is similar to pate, has been banned in Britain since 2000, the fact that imports of it to the UK are allowed means that the suffering and mistreatment of animals continues.

“Our country, which imports about 180 to 200 tonnes of foie gras from mainland Europe each year, sadly continues to play a part in this cruel trade.”

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