Pret launches its first reusable cup

At the end of last year, Pret’s CEO, Clive Schlee, tweeted to ask customers if increasing the discount from 25p to 50p would encourage more to bring in a reusable cup. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the increased discount was introduced in early January. On Monday 18th June, Pret is now launching a reusable cup for customers to purchase in shops nationwide, making it even easier to save a paper cup and 50p.

Since the 50p discount was introduced, Pret has seen a ten-fold increase in reusable cup use. Over 85,000 drinks are now served in a reusable every week and customers are on track to save 4 million disposable cups this year. The company hopes that its new cup will inspire more customers to make the switch.

Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret, comments, “We introduced a market leading discount of 50p for using a reusable cup at the start of the year. This increased usage ten-fold which has amazed us all. I’m hoping our own cup will encourage more customers to bring one in. An organic filter coffee for 49 pence must be the best value cup of coffee in the UK.”

Pret has teamed up with the clever people at Ecoffee Cup to launch the reusable cup. It’s made from light-weight sustainable bamboo fibre; it has a re-sealable, no-drip lid, making it perfect for those on the go. Its beautifully simple design features the iconic Pret star on a cream background.

As part of Pret’s Global Plastic Pledge, which has seen Pret commit to eliminating all unnecessary single-use plastic, paper straws are rolling out to UK shops, and hot drink stoppers and teaspoons are being removed this summer. Pret is also introducing more china cups to shops – they are now available in 125 – and the business is finding ways to improve the recovery and recycling rates of paper cups; this includes a cup collection initiative which will be trialled in more shops this year, following trials in London and Manchester in 2017.



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