richard-ritter4I am a highly talented and experienced food and beverage and hospitality professional with a strong creative flair and the proven ability to direct successful business operations. I am familiar with hotel, conference, banqueting, restaurant and catering operations including contracted catering (Fixed Cost / Cost Plus / Nil Subsidy Cost) and have a proven history of improving services while reducing costs overall.

I believe that central to my management success is my ability to identify and eliminate redundant and wasteful practices whilst delivering a level of excellence in standards and service. This has meant analysing and measuring variations in financial performance and contractual supplies in order to cut out waste at companies like Youngs, the NEC at Birmingham and the Olympic Games. One way in which I was able to achieve these outcomes was by implementing the HACCP system, Standard Operating Procedures and combining this with my own instinct and experience.

However, implementing standard procedures is not enough in itself and in acting as a ‘troubleshooter’ for Youngs Brewery, I was able to identify bad and redundant practices, introduce innovative procedures and turn around failing operations to dramatically improve income.

I have led major projects in my family business in setting up new hotels and restaurants across Hungary. Our business model was to buy old buildings to convert to hotels and/or restaurants which meant appraising the suitability of the structure for conversion, the options for adaptation and how this might impact on future performance.

I have experience in recruiting and managing teams ranging from 120 to 1200 staff and coaching them and their line managers in best practice in health and safety, speed of service, customer experience and presentation of staff, product and environment. Crucial to getting all these things right is in selecting the best leaders, briefing the team and motivating individuals to work efficiently and (most important) enjoy their work at the same time.

I offer significant skills in budget development, purchasing, reorganization, training, forecasting, and vendor negotiation. My experiences have taught me an important lesson – satisfy the customer and your business will grow. To summarize: my strengths are an extensive knowledge of my field, creative flair, imagination and a strong business sense.

I also have extensive computer skills that, not only include the use of accounting software applications and Microsoft office, but also extend to computer programming and web-development.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.